LOD Efforts was a small video archiving company founded in Santa Cruz by Richard Myers, Justin Ward, and Steve Whitwell in the winter of 2003. Its main function was to film and compile local shows throughout 2003 and 2004.

LOD Efforts owes its roots to the Live Oak Dead (LOD), a loose collection of musicians, artists, and friends based in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz. The LOD felt the need to document their efforts and, after receiving generous video camera donations from Nicholas Taplan and Nevin Smith, Richard went about the task of recording all LOD shows. This task soon spread into a larger Santa Cruz music scene, and with the help of Justin Ward, Steve Whitwell, Nevin Smith, Jenni Simmons, Stacie Willoughby, many others, LOD Efforts was born.

In the summer of 2003, LOD Efforts took its cameras on tour with Half Czar and the Loyal Sons and Daughters throughout the Pacific Northwest. By the fall of 2003, LOD Efforts had amassed enough footage to release its first compilation DVD, entitled Regional Dialect. With a product finally completed, Richard turned LOD Efforts into a legitimate business with financial help from Justin Ward and Steve Whitwell. The company hit a high point when it compiled a video document of the Big Bang 2003 and released the footage as a 2-DVD set.

In 2004, the company dwindled due to financial problems and finally disbanded the following summer. Richard left for South Korea to teach English while Justin and Steve focused on their respective bands. Although in business for only one year, the LOD Efforts archives still exists and is currently awaiting future processing. Some of the bands in the archives include: Comets on Fire, Half Czar, Loyal Sons and Daughters, The Master Plan, The Frog Eyes, Shotgun Jeb, Pedestrian, Hate Mail Express, The Gross Gang, Strip Mall Seizures, The Lowdown, Oliver Brown, Whysp, Sad Monsters, Zdrastvootie, AMCIS, Residual Echoes, and The Grief Counsel.


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