Lady Fingers and Laura Lymes (spelled differently many different ways intentionally) was a Santa Cruz band (2000 - 2001) consisting of Michele Hannigan (Lady Fingers) and Laura Kingston (Lady Limes - she had recently survived Lyme disease). They performed in Big Bang 2000 and Big Bang 2001.

They were influenced by Charlie Ahearn and Yoko Ono. Michele would simulate the sound of scratching records on her bass, which was feeding through her Echoplex and a backache sunn bass head & speaker. Michele also used a crummy vibrator on the bass to create zippy sounds. Laura played a Hot Lixx, operated the drum machine, tooted a referee's whistle and jiggled an assemblage of other noisemakers.

They both lived in the Beehive. They would practice and compose in Michele's bedroom, which was within earshot of a childcare playground sandpit and its sloppy boombox full of nursery rhymes on repeat.

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