Leaf Yard 1990-1995
Bryan de Roo - Bass and Vocals
Roger Labrador - Guitar and Vocals
Chris Beccera - Drums and Vocals (1990-1992)
Ryan Craiker - Drums (1992-1995)

Leaf Yard started in Santa Cruz, California and ended in San Francisco, California. Leaf Yard originally was Bryan, Roger and Chris, art majors at UCSC, jamming loud noisy semi-improv/hardcore/no-wave/punk/speed metal. The three met at UCSC but practiced at Chris(Phropic)'s house in Bonny Doon. They played live at various places in the area, mostly on campus, but occationally at parties and clubs. In '92 Chris left the band for NYC and Ryan Craiker joined. He and Roger were bandmates in Schwah, a jazz-like combo that also emphasized improv and heavier sound. In '93 Ryan and Bryan moved to SF and commuted to SC to practice with Roger until '94 when Roger moved in with Ryan in SF. In '93 they recorded two demos. The first was with Rob Reger and his 4-track cassette recorder in their practice space, Bryan's on-campus painting studio. This recording was considered by the band to perhaps have best captured the sound that they desired. Nonetheless they continued to record. The next recording, also in SC, was at a professional recording studio. That recording was taped to DAT. In SF, Leaf Yard played around at various clubs on Haight Street primarily, and here and there at loft parties etc. They also made another demo recording of 4 tracks in a professional recording studio in Oakland. In their final years they went on tour twice, both times driving to Seattle and back. They played in Eugene, Portland, Olympia and Seattle. Near the end Roger moved in with Bryan and practicing at Ryan's slowed down. Roger and Bryan decided to tryout living on the East coast and the band dissolved. Right at the end they made a final recording of 3 songs on 1/4 tape in a professional recording studio in SF. The band broke up just prior to mixing down those songs. Two years later Ryan tragically was killed in a car accident.

MP3's here:

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