Loyal Sons and Daughters (LSD) (2003 - 2005) was a Santa Cruz wild psychpop machine formed by John "Popsong" Garmon as a revolving solo project which became renowned for its constant all-star lineup.

Originally the group featured Sayard Egan on harmonies. The next incarnation featured Justin Ward on drums and Jen Weisberg on bass. Sometime after their "Snuggling Across America" tour in Summer 2003 with Half Czar, Justin left the band and was replaced by Matt Brown. This lineup included added guitar magic by Adam Payne. When Jen left the band, Tony Burchyns took over bass duties, Dave Novick jumped in to play trumpet and Stacie Willoughby, who is also responsible for the band's album art, sang harmonies. The band is currently on hiatus while John and Jen tour with Red Pony Clock and Adam and Dave take Residual Echoes to Arthurfest.

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