2002-2003 Mass Hysteria (Watsonville, CA) [Punk Rock] Guitarist
2003-2006 Make it Count (Watsonville, CA) [Youth Crew/Hardcore] Drummer
2005-2006 Proton Cannon (Watsonville, CA) [Youth Crew/Fastcore] Guitarist

2006-???? P+ (Watsonville, CA) [Hardcore] Drummer
2006-2008 Dukes Up (Watsonville, CA) [Melodic Hardcore/Punk] Guitarist
2007-DEAD Cheerful Robots/Ring Loud (Watsonville, CA) [Melodic Hardcore] All Aspect

2007-2011 The Pillowfights! (San Jose, CA) [Female Fronted Descedents Pop Punk] Guitarist

2012-2015 Bradbury (San Jose, CA) [Get Up Kids inspired Post-punk] Guitar/Vocals

2013-???? VWLS (San Jose CA) [Dark Hardcore] Guitar/Vocals

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