Metamusic is a record store opened by Johnathan Schneiderman in Santa Cruz in 2005 after some years selling online.


The first store was on Squid Row in a basement below an antique store. Another music store was badly needed at this time since Discount Records (although they only carried CDs and Tapes) had just closed.

One could go to Metamusic and find Captain Beefheart and Jim O'Rourke on vinyl, as well as old Black Sabbath copies and just about anything else. Then Johnathan moved the store in late 2005 or early 2006 to Maple Street, and finally in 2007 a few doors down to the corner of Maple and Cedar, where there was a long-standing video store. This location affords huge windows and proximity to the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, the Bagelry and the Poet and Patriot bar. Hence there is no reason not to pass by the store and go pick something up.


"You start with one record," explained Johnathan in his typical smooth, calm voice. Selling exclusively vinyl picked exclusively by hand, Metamusic quickly became the most respected record store in town, a record listener's store, a music lover's store, offering a home grown alternative to the fast paced, pop-glutted corporate vibe that has slowy consumed other shops such as Streetlight Records. Johnathan keeps a healthy stash of various electronic styles for home play or DJ work as well as oversized, deluxe and folio editions. Upon rummaging in the stacks, one gets the feeling that the management of this store is having fun.

The store also tends to have a large on-sale section and often even a free bin, whence one may glean Theodore Bikel or Lou Rawls.

Live MusicEdit

Always a servant of the customers and the local art and music scene, Schneiderman has been host to many performances in the two most current locations. He is also a live DJ himself, performing as KAMM (under which name he also has released a record of songs available at the store) at local venues such as the Crepe Place and many acid hippie private parties. Buying as many temporary noise permits as the cops would sell him and then finally investing in a "real" one, Johnathan has hosted locals such as Residual Echoes and Misty Mountain and touring acts like Japan's LSD March. In August 2008 the store was featured in the Santa Cruz Good Times and Schneiderman gave an interview.

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