Midnite Snack is a band formed in 2009 by Denney Yoints. The band has been composed consistently of "Denney Yoints" as vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. The lineup shifts with school schedules about once every summer, the original lineup consisting of Trevor Hope of the Vox Jaguars as drummer, Shaina Elster as vocalist and keyboardist, and Sam Copperman as original bassist (also of The Inscape, who recorded the bass parts on "Soup Samwich"), followed by Anthony Cardott for a few shows until Cody Haulin'-steck joined as bassist in Copperman's stead. Since mid-2010 the band has first intermittently and then permanently included Mason Rosenberg, also of the Vox Jaguars, on bass and Nick Overhauser on drums. When Sam and Trevor are both in town, it is a rare priviledge to see the three of them gel into a well-simmered Snack. The band met through Cheryl Anderson's symphonic choir at Cabrillo College and has built up a following in Santa Cruz.

Though Yoints had been producing records for many years under several names, most recently Denney Joints with the release "Slowdance," in 2007, the band recorded the first group of his songs to be recorded by a live rock band in summer 2009 with Nick Overhauser of Mountain Animal Hospital and Birdhand. The disc is called "Soup Samwich" and features contributions from Yoint's brother Anthony in the sleeve design.

Midnite Snack currently plays live in support of the Denney Joints album "Bedtime" which had been the intended purpose of the Snack prior to "Soup Samwich". 'Calm Yourself!' and 'Ghazal 46' from Soup Samwich are played at nearly every live show. Due to difficulties with live sound and presentation versus the sound of 'Bedtime', the Snack reemphasizing their punk roots at live shows, going as far as to play the Wipers song 'Don't Know What I Am' at many shows in 2011. The lack of a vocal section and an increase in guitars and feedback has redefined and refocused the Snack's sound as it evolves with the members of band.

A blurb about the band following a performance at the Blue Lagoon on 27 Jan 10: Santa Cruz Weekly