Mr. Peanut is the Ultimate Dandy (1999 - 2000) was a Santa Cruz punk band consisting of Aleks Prechtl on vocals, Neal Jonas on guitar, Andrew Seger on guitar, John Swanson on drums, and Bean on bass. An earlier incarnation of the band included Alana King as a second drummer. She eventually moved to bass where later Bean took over.

Shows were few but always memorable. There was the time the band members all happened to be at the Crunkhouse at the same time and at roughly the same level of intoxication. The stage was rushed and by the second song Aleks was in his underwear, breaking his wrist before the the fourth and final song of the set. There was also a final show at Callahan's with Sin in Space and The Intima opening where a topless silver body painted Bean slipped on the fake blood, taking out the front line while the bartenders threw ice at the band to get their attention long enough to shut the show down, for good.

Mr. Peanut had one song, titled "the New Math", on a Love Tape Love release, Hootenholler.

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