New Roman Times is an album by musical group Camper Van Beethoven, released October 12, 2004 on Pitch-A-Tent records.

This is the band's first studio album of new material since they released Key Lime Pie in 1989 before dissolving in 1990. The album features all original members David Lowery, Jonathan Segel, Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, Chris Pedersen, Chris Molla, and also features Key Lime Pie era member David Immergluck and Cracker drummer Frank Funaro.

The album tells the tale of a Texan around the age of twenty who enlists in the Army after an event similar to 9/11 occurs. He fights in the war and is wounded. He returns disillusioned with the fight. After an uprising in California, he joins a security force maintaining peace there. After being disillusioned with that work as well, he leaves and meets up with a militia in southern Texas and becomes a suicide bomber. At the end of the album, he prepares for his mission.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Prelude" (0:55)
  2. "Sons of the New Golden West" (2:55)
  3. "51/7" (4:44)
  4. "White Fluffy Clouds" (5:01)
  5. "That Gum You Like Is Back in Style" (4:56)
  6. "Might Makes Right" (2:46)
  7. "Militia Song" (2:10)
  8. "R 'N' R Uzbekistan" (1:13)
  9. "Sons of the New Golden West Reprise" (0:21)
  10. "New Roman Times" (4:47)
  11. "The Poppies of Balmorhea" (3:23)
  12. "Long Plastic Hallway" (5:09)
  13. "I Am Talking to This Flower" (2:30)
  14. "Come Out" (1:44)
  15. "Los Tigres Traficantes" (2:30)
  16. "I Hate This Part of Texas" (2:45)
  17. "Hippy Chix" (4:27)
  18. "Civil Disobedience" (6:25)
  19. "Discotheque CVB" (5:48)
  20. "Hey Brother" (2:46)