Nuzzle was a Santa Cruz and Los Angeles based emo rock band that existed between 1992 and 2001. The band called Santa Cruz their home between 1993 and 1999. Members were Nate Dalton (guitar), Andrew Dalton (vox), Ricardo Reano (drums), and Sam Fabela (bass). They played in Big Bang 2000.

Nuzzle got their start in the city of Rosemead, California, just outside of Los Angeles. In the mid-90s brothers Nate and Andrew Dalton moved to Santa Cruz to attend college, and Ricardo and Sam soon followed.

Nuzzle's sound was initially influenced by the hard/soft dynamics and guitar noise of Nirvana, as well as the plaintive harmonies and indecipherable lyrics of early R.E.M. But Nuzzle was very much a band of its era, and would become more closely associated with both the pure pop music being made in the Pacific Northwest by bands on K Records, as well as the more chaotic and noisy hardcore emo rock coming from San Diego and elsewhere. Nuzzle thus neatly encapsulated their natural inclinations by incorporating the hard/soft dynamic not only in song structure, but in song style. Ultimately, Nuzzle would become associated with such "Summer of '94" bands as The Fisticuffs Bluff, Mohinder, Lync, Evergreen, Unwound, and Cars Get Crushed.

Nuzzle performed at the first Yo-Yo A Go-Go Festival in Olympia, Washington in 1994.

In 2001, as their musical style moved away from their punk beginnings to a more rootsy, country & western sound, the band changed their name to The Dying Californian.


  • Nuzzle/My Friend Chopper split 7", self-released
  • Nuzzle s/t blue vinyl 7" on Mollycoddle/Whaleboy
  • Anchors Astreigh 7" on Youth Strike Chord Records
  • No Más 7" on Zum/Sound on Sound
  • Follow for Now LP on Youth Strike Chord Records
  • Futurism Restated a track on the compilation Our Band Could Be Your Life: A Tribute to D Boon and the Minutemen
  • San Lorenzo's Blues LP/CD on Troubleman Unlimited
  • Junk of Myth '92-'95 CD on Zum

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