Out To Lunch Productions was started by UCSC students David Rapaport and Lenny Lyons in 1978, when they found out that, as students, they were entitled to rent the Cowell Pyramid (dining hall) for $25 and could invite local bands and bands from SF to play there.

The first show was the second Santa Cruz appearance of Leila and the Snakes, a San Francisco band consisting of the late Jane Dornacker (comedienne and songwriter for the Tubes) Pearl E. Gates (later Pearl Harbour), Miles Longish (guitar), and the Stench Brothers (John and Hilary, later of Pearl Harbour and the Explosions) on bass and drums.

Their first appearance had been at College Night (Thursday night dinner at UCSC's Cowell College) as the evening's entertainment, an appearance also arranged by OTL when they found out the entertainment budget for College Night was $200, a princely sum in those days for a new band looking for exposure.

Out To Lunch's other major show was a combined production with Walter McKee which brought ex-Velvet Underground violist/bassist and producer extraordinaire (Jonathan Richman, Patti Smith, etc. etc) John Cale to the Cowell Pyramid as part of the Sabotage Live tour.

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