Pass-a-fist is a hardcore punk band that was formed in 2006 by old school buddies, Aaron Firestone, Robin Wotenedtum, and Joel Brown. The band was previously known as Pass-a-fist They're-a-pist. Aaron and Joel had previously been in another band known as the Mutineers. They practiced without a bassist for awhile until a friend of Robins, Jordan Gershmann, joined the band on bass. A month or so later when the band had established a solid 6 songs, Devin "Danger Slut" Forest-Hines joined the band to play lead guitar. After playing several small shows around Santa cruz, Jordan parted ways with the newly-named, Pass-a-fist. With the departure of Jordan, They recruited friend and former Mule Train member, Cody Perez on bass. Since then the band has played numerous shows around Santa Cruz, The bay area, and Soledad.


Pass-a-fist has just released the "Protect Yourself" Demo available at