Perfume was a Santa Cruz band (1999 - ?) started by then-recent high school graduates Michael Peimani (vox/guitar) and Ben Sanabria (bass). They were soon joined by drummer Andrew Bolton.

They practiced regularly at the Broadway house. Their first show was at Laurel Street in 1999, where they were met by a warm audience of friends and friends of friends. Michael recieved his first and only "bra on the mic stand" that night.

Fresh into the new millenium, the perfume boys decided to take a road trip across the great US of A. Sanabria was only 18 at the time and had made way too much money at a local dot com. In true internet boom spirit, he covered the bill for a shiny ford van and Perfume hit the road.

Ben and Michael moved to Portland, Oregon and continued as Perfume with Caitlin Love on drums, followed by Andrew Jensen.


They recorded a full length at home and at Jackpot! studios and released it in 2003 on Michael's mom's "label."