Peter Cowan is a multi-instrumentalist (drums/piano/guitar/accordion/theremin) who took drum lessons from Rick Walker for many years before joining his first real band, Love Story with Max Swanger and Josh Alper. After quitting/getting kicked out of Love Story, he joined Slow Gherkin, as an accordion player. He later joined the Cold Cuts as their drummer, the Huxtables as their drummer, and tried to start a band with former members of State of Grace (Russ and Luke) before they decided to go ahead full time with Good Riddance. He filled in on guitar, bass, drums and even vocals (for one song) before switching to keyboards full-time in Slow Gherkin. After Slow Gherkin Peter took a lengthy hiatus from playing in bands, preferring to play solo, though recently he recorded some tracks for a yet to be released Sin in Space EP.

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