Plagiarist ("The Magazine for [fill in the blank] ONLY") was a photocopied spoof published in the summer of 1980. Its original content included a "Top 35" list and a two-photo fumetti of Chris X (Yonts) pretending to punch his younger brother in the face ("The Casebook of Lt. Foodbert"). It "borrowed" many pages and cut-out fragments from other publications, including PUNK #3, DAMAGE, New West (the "New Wave" issue), National Geographic, Surfing, Good Times, and Yonts's high school German textbook.

It always surpised Yonts that Scotty Wheeler cut up a perfectly good copy of PUNK #3 in order to paste it into the pages of Plagiarist. "He was what you might call a dedicated journalist," Yonts quipped.

David Rapaport was working at the Cedar Street Kinko's at the time, and took $10 cash (tax-free) from Chris X to publish the zine's one and only print run of 30 copies (or so). "Gimme ten bucks," was Rapaport's official comment, adding, "You guys are weird."

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