Raggression were a homegrown hard rock band from Soquel. Founded by Chase Fraser (guitar) and Navene Kopperweis (drums) (1999) while they were still middle school students, the band expanded to include Navene's younger brother, Sean Kopperweis (vox) and quickly began playing shows. The final piece of the puzzle came to them in form of Nate Kotila (bass), whom they met as freshmen in high school.

An album was recorded during this time but never released. Shows were played alongside Diversion, Live Wire, No One, and others, including a headlining performance at the Catalyst that was recorded and released on cassette. The band dissolved in late 2000 when Sean and Nate quit. Chase is currently splitting his time between two bands, The Taste of Blood and Animosity, the latter of which Navene drums for. Nate is currently spending his time playing bass for the band Stalins War.


  • Raggression / 5-Song Demo (Cassette)
  • Live at the Catalyst (Cassette)
  • Written In Stone (Unreleased CD)

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