Raining House was a Santa Cruz band involving Roderick Wyllie (guitar), David Knowles (guitar), Ian Raikow (bass), and Jay Curkendall (drums). Later, a woman who was an undergrad in the UCSC music department, Heather Sloan, played a stand up kit alongside Jay. Roderick and David switched off on vocals on most songs.

Some of the members played in an SF art-punk band called MJB (UCSC film student Phil Lollar of the Santa Cruz noise/no-wave/mind-fuck band, Devil Dog also played in MJB).

The band recorded an album in SF at Greg Freeman's Garage D'Or Studios which was never released. Some tracks appeared on the compilations, At Dianne's Place, and To Sell Kerosene Door To Door, which came out on Insight Records, a San Francisco label run by members of Glorious Din.

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