Rally 200 (aka The Rally) was a Santa Cruz band (1996 - 1998) formed by Jeremy Bringetto, Kelly Chambers, Saralyn Otter and Ricardo Reano. Those who came and went as time pressed on included Noel Von Harmonson, Joe Munsinger, Brian from the Basement and Jeremy's brother. Once they toured the West Coast with the Lowdown.


  • The Rally recorded a 6 song ep with a guy from San Jose they called Sweet Feet because of his bare feet during the recording session. Leaning back, feet up on the board cracking his toes. Sick. Song subject matter included rails and homosexuality, a Hot Damn! injected Spencer Davis Group cover of Gimmie Some Lovin, a song about rocking correctly, a frozen cat. The 6 song recording was released only to the band members.