Rapatron is a music project by Andrew Seger (vox / beats / guitars / RC robot) with help from Raj Ojha (drums / programming / beats / synth bass face / funny phrases / phases) that originated in Santa Cruz (and performed there between 2002 and 2003). Rapatron is the spirit of hip-hop applied by ex-rockers.

SC performances include shows at The Barn and at the Rio Theatre for Big Bang 2002.

After playing bass, guitar and keys in countless bands covering the spread from punk (Mr. Peanut is the Ultimate Dandy), prog (Placentor), electro (Run_return), and noise (zeinscholt schneider and the angry neighbor), Andrew decided to do something different. Longtime collaborator OKR was on board to create the music and Rapatron began a 2 year song writing process which resulted in a dynamic set and a beard.

When Rapatron isn’t dropping flows on the masses, he does sound for punk shows and DJs the glam, garage, prog and electro.


  • Rapatron is currently working on a release.

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