Real Music was a Santa Cruz duo band (1979 - 1980) that included J.Neo (guitar and organ) and Alaric Kane (aka Ped Xing) (drums).

“My high school friend Alaric had the idea of starting an atonal noise improv band and calling it "Real Music", just to get up everyone's noses, which appealed to the contrary bastard in me. It took no time at all for me to completely betray the concept by writing actual songs, which made the band name even more annoying.” - J. Neo

In addition to the original songs covers were 'Roast Fish and Cornbread' by Lee 'Scratch' Perry, & 'Cloud Nine' by The Temptations performed as if it were a Lou Reed song.

At least one of the Real Music songs, 'White Boy Soul' (re-titled 'White Rat') was performed and recorded by J. Neo's subsequent band X-tal.

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