Red Restaurant is a beautiful space in downtown Santa Cruz featuring live entertainment Sun-Weds nights. "Red Radio DJs" as they are called specialize in obscure soul and jazz from the mid sixties through mid seventies, but playlists can drift as far as back as the 1930's if the mood calls for it. Don't be suprised to hear anything from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, to Roy Ayers, to Ella Mae Morse, to Louis Prima to OV Wright, to Funkadelic and the list goes on. Resident DJs include DJ Josh "Nice" Weiss, "Breezy" Jordy Cohen, DJ Tom L-G and others.

Red has also become a hangout for many of the local scenes best perfomers, DJs and musicians. Members of Camper Van Beethoven, Devil Makes Three, Mule Train, The Moonies, Lost and Found Generation, Rec-League and many others can be counted among the Lounge's devout regulars.

Also Red has been Santa Cruz's favorite stop for touring musicians in town for gigs. In Red's one year history it has had visits from Talib Kweli, Gza of Wu-Tang Clan, The Living Legends, Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob, Opio and Pep Love of Heiroglyphics, Aceyalone, Guru of Gangstarr, Mike Gordon of Phish, and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees just to name a few.

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