Residual Echoes (R.E.) (originally Residual Echoes of the Great Explosion) is a Santa Cruz band and the product of the tortured mind (and libido) of Adam Payne. They play a derivitave form of pedal-heavy loud rock and roll that doesn't really have it's own sound( yet) but tries to brings together all they music they like to listen to, depending on what kind of mood they are in. And boy are they moody. And if you think they're full of shit you've nailed it.

The band's origins find themselves planted in a four piece fuzzorgandelic punk-rock band called The Waifs, in which Adam played the drums. This was in Pasadena/Echo Park (2000 - 2001). Other drummers they previously had included Andrew and Janet Housden, the original beat-keeper for sass-kings Redd Kross. They broke up in the summer of 2001. The final line-up being Richard (guitorgan), Matt (guitar/bass), Gabe (guitar), and Adam; they all sang and played 60s covers o' plenty.

Adam met Jerry Encoe (shredmaster and vocals) and David Novick (bass-face and vocals) in his bedroom off DeLaVeaga Park in October of 2002. Dave was in the bathroom and Jerry commented on the spare wall with a single picture of John Coltrane smoking. "Dood, fukin' Innerstellur spase, doot." They needed a new drummer. Once again playing another kind of punk-rock, this time with more chops. It was called AMCIS (a man cut in slices), taken from a line in Tropic of Cancer. See the AMCIS page for full bullshit.

Their first line up was formed no more than two weeks before July 4 to play the Cube for the Independence Day BBQ. Tom Cabela (shirtless drums), Dave Novick (bass-face 2), Adam (assorted duties), Marcello (SaxoFama-guess). This show was very hot. Gross Gang, and Up the Voltage also played that day. John Garmon said R.E. sounded like MC5, but they sounded a lot shittier than that. This line-up played about eight shows at the Cube, Brommer, Zami co-op, and the house next to the old Laurel House. Tom left for L.A. to make car commercials in September. He played three more shows in December of that year one at The Warehouse with Comets on Fire, the Cuts, and the Gris-Gris, one at the Cube for a KZSC broadcast with the Menses, and one in L.A. at an art gallery with Monster, the Antarticans, and the Poly-Groton Experience.

From September 2003 to March 2004 the first Residual Echoes album was home recorded by Adam in his smoking jacket. It was orignally released that month as a cd-r in an edition of about 70. then came the LP edition of 330 with hand-screened covers in July of 2004, then came the Holy Mountain cd release in March of 2005.

In the meantime Dave and Adam were REALLY bored and decided to try a stab at a different type of dance-oriented indie music and started Handel aka Testa Knark aka Jam The Controls with Adam's roomate Noah Lacano.

The second line-up of Residual Echoes was formed in late spring of 2004 with recently recruited Micah Warren of the Dik-Diks from Chico as drummist and Dave still on bass. This line up played some more shows around Santa Cruz houses and once in Oakland at a birthday party. Dave's bass broke and none of the other bands had a bass player so the only bass in the house was an acoustic bass guitar with a pick up: with no way of putting a strap on it. David bravely trudged through the set with the big fucking mariachi bass on his knee while the party spilled beer on all of the bands equipment and grabbed the mics and all of that stuff that makes playing parties so much fun. This line-up toured the west coast that summer before Dave moved to Portland in July. They sold one record on the tour to their friend Spencer in Arcata (he will later join the band).

Jerry Encoe replace David in September creating the third version of R.E. Many shows were played this time, the most, all around the Bay Area. Aaron Emmert played drums for one show in December at the Hemlock Tavern in SF with Zdrastvootie. This line-up continued until February of 2005 when David returned to Santa Cruz and Jerry swithched to lead guitar. This fourth line-up played a couple shows in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Micah Warren was kicked out in April and started Glitter Wizard. Spencer Doran now plays drums for R.E. completed the 5th, 6th , or 7th line-up depending on who you ask. They all live in different cities now.

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