Rick Swan is an avant-garde bluesman who lived in Santa Cruz from 1999 to 2003. He then moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and now lives in Ojai, CA. He was a member of Manswan duo. Performed under different names, or no name. Recorded unreleased split cassette single for Safe Records which was also to feature Kaleidoscopic Jelly Bean Head Gnomes on the other side. This may yet be released, it is in the works. Memorable shows: Bixby St. attic solo festival, opening for the Golden Shoulders Tour (Microphones, Karl Blau, Little Wings) on Seabright Beach, Big Bang 2002(?) w/ Betsy and Karl Blau, Manswan wearing siamese twin costume and playing a single guitar (Rick strumming, Jeff fretting) w/ Mirah and Velvet Ribbon Puppet Theatre, Church of Rock and Roll, impromteau tour w/ Little Wings and The Blow after first What The Heck Fest (2003?) thru Port Angeles, WA and Vancouver, BC. New band name for solo/group musics: The Cockleburs.

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