Ronald Cook 1964-66 Folk duo with Charli Wingo: 12-string 1967-68 US Army Entertainment Corps, Korea: bass 1969-71 Throckmorton (San Jose): bass, keyboards 1971-73 Treehouse (yes, we played at the "old" Catalyst): bass 1979-82 51-50: keyboards, guitar Currently: traditional folk recordings on two CDs, playing dulcimer, banjo, mandolin, guitar, psalteries (plucked and bowed).

Master craftsman in Baulines Crafts Guild, and American Craft Show artist. A luthier since 1973, I build Early American and Early European stringed folk instruments. Previously known as Coog, and the business was Coog Instruments. As of 2009, the name changed to Ron Cook Studios. Web site:

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