Run_return is a band that formed in Santa Cruz and now resides in Oakland. The members are Raj Ojha (drums/laptop), Kevin Dineen (drums/guitar/keyboards/vibraphones) and Tommy Fugelsang (vibraphones/bass/keyboards). The band recently signed a recording contract with Oakland experimental electronic music label N5MD. Their new release is anticipated for the fall of 2005.

They played in Big Bang 2000, Big Bang 2001 and Big Bang 2002.

Run_return's music blends a 1970s- and 1980s-drum machine aesthetic with synthesized melodies, digital processing and live augmentation by use of drum kits, vibraphones, guitars and other instruments. Ideas and references to 1970s jazz and fusion, early 1980s electro and current hip-hop find their way into the overall Run_return sound. The music itself goes from layered introspective moments to darker, rhythmic ones; all of which invoke dreams, memories, and attempt to translate emotion into a more tangible form.

The band was formed in 1999 by Tommy and Kevin. They used a bunch of analog synths and drum machines, vibraphones and drums. After its inception, Run_return went through many forms and line-up changes, featuring Elizebeth Torres (saxophone), Joel Robinow (trumpet/Rhodes/Prophet 5 Synthesizer, and Andrew Seger (bass). Raj became a full-fledged member of the band in 2001 and integrated more DSP and electronic production.

Run_Return has played with bands such as Tortoise, HIM, Chicago Underground Duo, Daedelus, Bonobo, Talk Demonic, Jel, Subtle (Anticon), Mice Parade, Rebecca Gates, The Lovemakers, Isotope 217, The Roots of Orchis and Call and Response.


  • Untitled cassette released in 2000 containing five original songs
  • Sum of an Abstract released in 2002
  • Animals Are Beautiful People 2005 7" transparent vinyl EP featuring two tracks, released by n5MD
  • Metro North Fall 2005 Full Length CD to be released early fall of 2005 via n5MD

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