The Sad Monsters were a Santa Cruz band comprised of Aaron Monster and his brother Nicky Dinosaur. Their side project is called That Hideous Strength.

The band was thinking of changing its name because it is sometimes misinterpreted as being emo. But then they just started a new band called Mammatus and left Sad Monsters on permenent summer vacation.

They played in Big Bang 2003.

Stage showsEdit

Sad Monsters are known for their use of projectors, cardboard, duct tape, tin foil and the like for semi-elaborate stage shows. Although the stage shows lack massive size, the Sad Monsters envision gigantic stage shows, Iron Maiden-style. One Sad Monster idea is to have a central brain sitting in the middle of a stage that would be like their frontman. The brain would be the guy who has all the effects units built into him. It would be like a robot with a television-head that says things to the audience and shoots sparks and fire at them. The Sad Monsters lack the money and the skills for such feats. (not the skills, Amitai......or is that a direct quote?)

Name originsEdit

Part of the origin of the band’s name came from very early on in Aaron and Nicky’s lives together. Aaron has been drawing pictures of monsters since he was five years old, and Nicky wanted him to make a t-shirt that said Have Sympathy for Monsters. The sentiment is clear; Aaron once explained: "monsters aren’t scary; they can be your friend – so some monsters are sad because people are afraid of them without knowing them." In the same interview he said that "A monster is just one who doesn’t fit in. An other human being – something that we don’t normally see, but not a unicorn – they’re fashionable."


Sad Monsters self released three hundred home made records entitled sempervirens. A nine song reflection of their santa cruz county home and history.