Sean Dorn (b. 1969) is a musician and was a founding member of the bands Bakamono, Zmrzlina, the Optimist International. He played bass in all 3 bands, sampler and various keyboards in Zmrzlina.

Bakamono was founded in Santa Cruz, CA and leaned heavily on post-punk alternate guitar tunings. Members included Eiso Kawamoto, Paul Hischier and Dan Martin. Sean Dorn played on the 1995 albulm The Cry of the Turkish Fig Peddlar.

Zmrzlina was ecletic "art rock" band indebted to the likes of The Fall, early Velvet Underground and Captain Beefheart and based in San Francisco's Mission District. Sean Dorn played on the self-titled first albulm, Katastrophe Volume 3, and the Himalayan Mess Tent remix EP EP. Zmrzlina included musicians Jeff Ray, Mark Frishman, Tracy Hankin, Heather Snyder.

Optimist International also based in San Francisco's Mission Distrct built songs based around rapidly leap frogging genre changes, influenced by bands like Japan's Boredoms and The Ruins. Optimist International featured musician and recording engineer Eli Crewsand musician and author Oran Canfield.

Sean Dorn subsequently moved to Philadelphia, PA where he recorded demos for Philadelphia bands Otesanek and Syszlak.

He currently plays upright bass with veteran Philadelphia bluesman Shakey Lyman's weekly accoustic show at Fiume in West Philadelpha.

In 2009 he narated a video guided tour of the area of West Philadelphia along Baltimore Avene for Philadelphia Weekly magazine.