Shotgun Jeb was a Santa Cruz musician, label-guru, writer and editor. He is a self-described "Nietzschean discordian and mad colonel."

He was editor-in-chief of The Alias, an underground zine created with co-conspirators Richard Myers and Justin Ward. The first issue was released the same day he played his first show at Pedestrian's CD release party in 2002. Billed as Shotgun Jeb and the American Trash Band, Shotgun Jeb and Justin Ward perfomed as a 2-piece band of indistinguishable guitar riffs and a drum set made from pots, pans, cardboard boxes, and water bottles. They recorded one album with the help of Steve Whitwill. This album kicked off Shotgun Jeb's personal record label, Trash Heap Records, which has since released 11 CD-Rs and two split 7" records.

Shotgun later refined his sound with a 3-piece band named The Weird Turned Pro, which included Krayzy Pete on drums and Collin the Commie on bass. The name came from a quote by Jeb’s personal hero, Hunter S. Thompson. The group performed at The Cube, recorded a rough album, and pressed a split 7" with the Bay Area 10 second-song savant, Mr. California.

After disbanding The Weird Turned Pro, Shotgun Jeb collaborated again with Mr. California to produce a 99 song album under the guises Honkie J and MC Smelly Smell. At one point, following the breakup of The Weird Turned Pro, Shotgun Jeb (John Meyers), along with Krayzy Pete (Peter Parker) and Collin the Commie (Collin Gray) formed a band besed on the philosophies of the artform Dadaism. The name of the band was Mother's Cunt, and the band played one performance at a theater in Los Gatos. Staying true to the dadaist philosophy, the band broke up immediatley following the show and never played any of the same songs again. Members of the audience said it was the "worst music they had ever heard". This review met the expectations of the band.

Then Shotgun Jeb changed identity again to "channel the spirit of a long dead hillbilly musician named Cletus." Shotgun Jeb released three albums as Cletus and earned a small but disturbingly fanatic fanbase on the internet.

After the Cletus albums, Shotgun again collaborated with Justin Ward and Steve Whitwill in The Fallopian Dudes and also started a short-lived project known as Devilcock. Devilcock broke up after ShotgunJeb became insanely jealous of Paul's 13 inch cock, which Paul refused to share with anyone but his right hand. Jeb took a short break from music during 2004 write his epic novella The Manifesto of the Guild of the Trash Artist.

After seeking counsel from Wave Magazine Editor in Chief John Newlin, Jeb redefined his sound once again as a one-man Civil War-era band. Armed with a banjo, a harmonica, and a tambourine strapped to his knee, his new, self-titled act played at the Warehouse and pressed a split 7" with the Grief Counsel. Rumors exist about an upcoming TV interview on Bay Area Channel 5 News.

After spending some time in Arab, Alabama, writing for The Huntsville Times, shooting guns and cardio boxing, he moved to San Jose, California where he is currently working on an album with Justin Ward and Jenni Simmons.


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