Strayheart was a very high energy, show intensive pop band that originated in the Central Valley (Turlock/Modesto area) in the early 1980's. 

Strayheart was Keith Boggs, lead vocals/guitar, Steve Smith, drums/vocals, Jimmy Smith, guitar, Craig Martin, keyboards/vocals, Kevin Vollbrecht, bass/vocals (later replaced by Dave McAlister) and Billy Morris, guitar.

Strayheart released one single (Baby's Growin Up Too Fast/Eyes of Blue) in 1983 and an EP (Make it Work) in 1984. After the departure of Steve Smith and & Jimmy Smith in 1985, the name of the band was changed to Collective Hands. Watsonville drummer Bob Cohen was hired and later replaced by Santa Cruz drummer David Strayer. Billy Morris was later replaced by guiarist Rob Warren of Stockton. Strayer remained with the band for approximately 8 months and was replaced by Marc Pieruccini from Sacramento which is when the band changed the name to 2000 Rooms. 2000 Rooms called it quits in October 1988.


2000 Rooms:

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