Surf City Underground was a compilation LP released by Andrew Bailey and his Bluebeat label in June 1980. It included tracks from JJ180, The Humans, Tao Chemical, The Prisoners, The Drivers, The Satellites, Small Nambas, Lol Halsey, David Larstein, The Newtrons, the Joe Richards Group, Doug Springs, and Bari Boswell.

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The bulk of these bands hailed from the early 80's music scene in Santa Cruz, California. Popular venues for live shows were JJ's Pizza, Shellie's Too, and Thatcher's nightclub.

Track Listing:

Telstar - The Humans
Johnny's Dying - The Drivers
Post-Manhood - Tao Chemical
Someone - The Satellites
Electronic Games - Joe Richards Group
Looking Out The Window - Small Nambas
Rebel Dancing - Doug Springs
Chevy Don't Go - David Larstein
Eleanor Rigby - The Prisoners
I Want To Clone You - Lol Halsey
Iranian Disco - The Newtrons
Be Like Me - Tao Chemical
Shake It Off - The Satellites
I'm No Moron - The Drivers
Black Magic Charms - Bari Boswell
Mad Surf Love - JJ180

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