Sweet Nothing was a homegrown Santa Cruz band (1997-2000) featuring Chris Bolton (guitar/vox), Saralyn Otter (bass/vox) and Andrew Bolton (drums). Their sound was artsy and poppy. They built a small fan-base and played a few shows each month, sharing bills with The Lowdown, Nuzzle, Subtle Oak Complexity and Oliver Brown. They played in the Big Bang 2000.

The band was formed in 1994, when Chris and Saralyn were in high school and Andrew was in junior high. For a while in the early years, Damon Anderson was in the band and played guitar. The early years had its share of equipment failures and out-of-tune guitars. Practices took place in the Bolton's livingroom until neighbors complained. Their first shows were at cast parties, birthday parties and a junior high graduation party ("we cleared the room," Chris would later say). It was always very important to the band that people didn't call them Sweetnothings. They crossed off the S whenever people put it on flyers (which was quite often).

For a while, the band was called Wonderbred.


  • Not waving but Drowning CD. There are still about five hundred copies in the Bolton's garage. If someone were to post some contact info, perhaps he could sell a few.