It's not accurate that the Child Prostitutes played at the Santa Cruz Art Center the night John Lennon was killed. The poster from the Prostitutes' gig at the Art Center says "December first," and he was killed on December 8, 1980. The Batteries played the Art Center that night and did, indeed, dedicate a song to Lennon. -- Henry Hample

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Henry this is Richard Walker. I would never put inaccurate info here. I remember that the show was on the 8th of December. I also almost smacked someone up because he came up and said that John Lennon was dead and I didn't think this was funny. I was getting ready to smack him when someone else told me it was true. The flyer may say the 1st but we played the 8th. Check your records that show was on the 8th. Maybe a recording of the show or speak to someone else. I am sure my memory is accurate. I am 100% sure of this. The Batteries may have played at another venue or a day later. We played the night John Lennon was assassinated.

Henry, I remember clearly for several reasons.The show on the 1st I think had been cancelled, and we ended up playing on the 8th. I also remember because I felt lucky and honored to be onstage at such a time and be able to dedicate our set to someone I cared about. As a musician and a great human being of our time. Please check further you will see that I am correct. When word came out we had not setup or started to play. I remember as if it was yesterday. I will also see if I can track down any information,but I doubt it

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Hi Richie, I found my datebook from 1980. On Monday, December 1, I'd written "No Alternative" and "Child Prostitutes." On Monday, December 8, I'd written "Batteries/P.P." (which I think refers to Peer Pressure). My memory of December 8 is somewhat vague. During the gig, Bob Marshak, an artist who had a studio in the Art Center, came into the theatre and said "Someone just assassinated John Lennon!" Peer Pressure may have been onstage at the time, I'm not sure. The Batteries came on later, and I think they played a Beatles song in tribute, but I don't remember which song. I don't really trust my memory anymore, but I believe my 1980 datebook and the December 1 flyer are correct. I still have the original paste-up of the December 1 flyer, BTW. I don't seem to have a copy of the December 8 flyer. -- Henry

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