A full length CDr album packaged in a zine-style photo-copied booklet. Some covers were produced in color, others in black and white. Some copies feature a bonus CD-ROM with a Whysp music video.


  • Take Flight
  • Light Out For the Olde
  • Spinning Top
  • Seedling
  • Soften the Edges
  • Travels of Youth
  • Idyll
  • The Pookah Song
  • Fields of Maize
  • Wayward Children

Recorded by Chris Gonzalez on June 1st, 2003. Travels of Youth recorded by Hugh Holden.

Mixed by Nicholas Taplin with Josh Alper and Hugh Holden. Mastered by Nicholas Taplin.

On this recording, Whysp is Joshe Alper, Thom Childe, Hughe Holden, Jeffreye Manson.

Artwork by Josh, Lauren King, Caroline Brown.

Faeries: Caroline Brown, Kim Tindel, Emily Underwood, Lauren King.

The Recordings of "Take Flight", "Light Out For the Olde", "Fields of Maize" and "Wayward Children" from this album also appear of the Whysp album Whysp.