The Automatones was a Santa Cruz band (1999 - 2003) created by John Swanson, Kyle Warren, Steve Truffers and Alana King.

The band formed in the A2-Center Lounge at Porter College.

The Automatones started playing shows in early 2000 at the Porter Sound Box. Early shows were described as noisy and dissonant, but rockin'.

Brendan joined on the keyboards in 2001, and Alana left the group to play drums with her project Tenth of Always. Steve switched from bass to drums, and also formed his other project Amortifera. Mia Riddle joined the band in 2003 just in time for their second self produced and DIY album, Regenerication.

John and Steve now live in S.F., Kyle and Mia in N.Y.. Brendan is in Seattle. Steve now plays in a band called Finest Dearest. Mia has her own solo project. John plays in a group called The Project Alpha. John Swanson also runs an online TV show dedicated to local music in San Francisco called Pacific Noise.

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