The Basement (1995 - 1997) was located in the basement of the house at the intersection of 3rd St. & Laurel St. Extension in the Beach Flats/Beach Hill area next to the San Lorenzo River and Yogurt Park. It was run by Kelly Chambers and Cass.

In the summer of 1996, complaints from neighbors were on the rise. A US Bombs show had to be moved to another house in the middle of the show. In spite of this and of police visits, the house continued to put on shows for another full year.

Shows included acts such as Dub Narcotic Sound System, Unwound, The VSS, 3 Mile Pilot, Track Star, The PeeChees, Some Velvet Sidewalk, The Warmers, A Minor Forest, The Thrones, The Need, The Audience and more. It was a great space, but sadly, complaints from the neighbor led to the landlord locking the doors.

The first show was October 21, 1995 with Portraits of Past, Nuzzle, Malcriada, and Torches To Rome.

The last show was on April 24, 1997. On the bill was Kerosene 454, Boy's Life, Sweet Nothing and Moralyson.

The house was torn down in 2005.

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