The Big Beat (The Beat) was a Santa Cruz venue (1685 Commercial Way) that replaced Studio 80 in the same location (early 1982). Both the Big Beat and Studio 80 were owned by Art Cortez. The Big Beat installed a new dance floor, lowered the cover-charges, ended the dress code, and promised a commitment to live entertainment. However, they did not get rid of Studio 80's Bare Touch All Male Revue on Thursday nights.

The Big Beat's first show was The Call, March 5, 1982.

It was managed by Eric Scott and then by Rudy Beavides. Booking was done by Darryl Scotti.

In September 1982, it changed its name to The Beat. Shows were 16+. A Battle of the Bands contest was created by Darryl Scotti (and possibly Fane Opperman), with the prize being $1,000 free recording at Fane's studio. The Beat was taken over by the landlord shortly before Thanksgiving, which killed the contest and set in motion the end of the club on December 27. Darryl told the Good Times "The landlords just got fed up with the way the place was being run." During this phase, most of the bands and employees went unpaid, and police were confiscating door receipts. Replicating exactly how Studio 80 had ended a year earlier, The Beat shut its doors for good in mid-December and stiffed bands that had been promised Christmas and New Years Eve gigs. Darryl (who stopped working there two weeks prior to its closing) had, according to Myrna Saks, signed at least six promisary notes to bands that were still outstanding when The Beat shut down. However, California State Law did not make him responsible for these debts.

After it shut down, Darryl Scotti and Phil Haskin worked together as American Syndicated Artist Service to compile a prospectus for the company that woned the site. However, the company made plans to put in doctors' offices.

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