The Call was a San Francisco-based band that was formed in Santa Cruz in 1980. The original members were Michael Been (guitar), Scott Musick (drums), Tom Ferrier (a.k.a. Dickie Dirt) (guitar), and Greg Freeman (bass); they were first called Motion Pictures. In the '70s, Michael had been leader of a Santa Cruz rock band called Airtight.

In 1981, they signed a two-LP gaurantee with Mercury Records. They changed their name to The Call shortly thereafter. The contract gave them a great deal of control over their careers. They chose their own producers (Hugh Padgham), their new name, and had final approval of art work.

According to Tom Long, in the February 18, 1982 Good Times, The Call was the first Santa Cruz band to break "into the record business as a major league player."

In 1983, "The Walls Came Down" became a minor hit nationally.

In 1984, keyboardist Jim Goodwin replaced Scott at bass.

Been took a short break from the band in 1988 to appear in Martin Scorsese's controversal film The Last Temptation of Christ as the apostle John.

In 1990, the Call released "Red Moon," which included background vocals by U2's Bono. Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds' Jim Kerr both guested on 1986's "Reconciled." Garth Hudson of The Band played keyboards on their first three records.


  • The Call, 1982
  • Modern Romans, 1983
  • Scene Beyond Dreams, 1984
  • Reconciled, 1986
  • Into the Woods, 1987
  • Let the Day Begin, 1989
  • Red Moon, 1990
  • Heaven & Back, 1997
  • Live Under the Red Moon, 2000