Since at least 2000, 'The Cube (a.k.a The Ice Cube) has been a staple on the Santa Cruz house show scene. The cramped, smelly living room has been home to increible shows from local bands and touring bands alike. The lack of available legitimate venues and the reliability of the Cube as a show house have made it an attractive option for bands trying to add Santa Cruz to their tour itinerary. Cube residents have even had to change the phone number at least once to stem the daily tide of phone calls from bands seeking shows.

Located about a half mile on a busy intersection from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the noisy traffic and lack of neighbors on one side of the house has made it an ideal place for bands to practice, play, and live. The house gets its name from its shape.

Bands that have made the Cube their home base in the past and present include: Run_return, Gross Gang, Hate Mail Express, Loyal Sons & Daughters, Residual Echoes, The Grief Counsel, El Sonido, A Fashionable Disease, Happy Meal and others.

The Cube was effectively killed by the new Santa Cruz noise ordinance.