The Dawn is Crowned is a split lp between the groups The Story and Whysp. It was released on Good Village Recordings as a limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl in October of 2005.

The Story are a contemporary folk group featuring Tom Welham and Martin Welham. Martin was a member of the UK folk group Forest, who released two albums on the Harvest label, 'Forest' in 1969 and 'Full Circle' in 1970. Tom is his son.


  • Beginning
  • Floating Box
  • Road to Ascension
  • Emergency
  • English Oak

Recorded at Church View Studio in Sommerset, England.

Produced by The Story. Engineered by Tom Welham.

Whysp features Josh Alper, Tom Child, Aaron Emmert, Nicky Emmert, John Garmon, Michele Hannigan, Hugh Holden, and Emily White.


  • Dust On the Archetypes
  • Julia Dream
  • This Ship Has Sailed
  • Clouds of Eiderdown
  • Being to Being

Recorded in The Silent Planet in Corralitos, Cailfornia by Aaron Emmert and at Nowhere Studios in Anacortes, Washington by Phil Elverum.

Front Cover Painting by Dawn J Holliday.

Back Cover and Lettering by Stacie Willoughby.

Alchemy by Fletcher Tucker.

This album has been erroneously refered to as 'The Dawn is Crowded'.