the Devil Makes Three is a Santa Cruz country old-time bluegrass ragtime band comprised of Pete Bernhard (guitar/vox/banjo), Lucia Turino (bass/vox) and Cooper McBean (guitar/banjo/vox).

The Devil Makes Three was formed in 2002 by Pete and Cooper. Moving from Olympia, WA., they played a number of shows in Santa Cruz under a number of monikers as a duo. After a few shows, they added Jackie Musick of Roots of Orchis as a temporary bass player. Jackie was replaced by permanent bassist Lucia Turino in late 2002, at which time they settled on the name The Devil Makes Three and released their self-titled debut CD.

The band enjoys a successful following in Santa Cruz, encompassing many subcultures and reaching a mass appeal. In 2004 they released their second CD, Longjohns, Boots and a Belt. In 2006, they released a live CD, A Little Bit Faster and a Little Bit Worse. In 2008 the band signed to Milan Records, which released a remastered version of The Devil Makes Three in 2008 and a third studio full-length, Do Wrong Right, in 2009.


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