The Fisticuffs Bluff was a Santa Cruz based hardcore emo band (1994 - 1995). The original members were Summer Mastous (vox), Drew Gilbert (guitar), Dave Louie (bass), and Jay Con-ui (drums). Dave and Jay were replaced by Paul Costuros (bass) and Yoshi Nakamoto (drums) sometime in 1994.

Summer Mastous would later play with Miranda July, The Need, Ida Sessions, Octant and Love As Laughter. Yoshi Nakamoto also played with Poastal, Scenic Vermont, and The Aislers Set. Paul Costuros currently plays in Total Shutdown.


  • Angel Hair/The Fusticuffs Bluff split 7" on Unleaded
  • Car Bomb/The Fisticuffs Bluff split 7" on Youth Strike Chord Records
  • The Fisticuffs Bluff, LP and Complete Discography CD on Troubleman Unlimited

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