The Infamous was a Santa Cruz band (1986 - 1991) consisting of Johnny Arson (vox / guitar), Michael Rogers (bass), John Quento (guitar), and Christian Dayle Taguinod (drums / vox). Initially a punk band in the spirit of 1977, the band's sound and image later became influenced by hard-edged 1970's Glam and 1960's Psychedelia. It was at this phase that the band was most successful. Regulars at the Catalyst (and just about anywhere else that would have them) they built a reputation for spirited, hard-driving performances. Among the hallmarks of their sound were Arson's baritone (reminiscent of Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop) coupled with a powerful rhythm section and a symbiosis of overdriven twin-guitar interplay. Another of these hallmarks was their love of improvisation. The band would extend the middle of several songs to include an "anything goes" experiment, often with rewarding outcomes. Ultimately, the Infamous were hampered by unstable line-ups, often putting them in a state of suspension and resulting in the loss of the hard-earned buzz and momentum they had managed to accumulate. After the departure of Rogers and Quento in 1989, Arson and Taguinod continued with various pick-up bassists (among them Darius Koski and Zeke Floro) as a power trio, before exploring a final phase of Folk and Americana Rock styles. After a tour of Southern California and a final homecoming performance, they quietly disbanded in November of 1991.

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