The Levi's are a three piece originally from Liverpool, England yet are huge Manchester United football fans. The Levis Nigel Kensington III on guitar/vocals and making plans, Paul McChomley on bass/vocals/farfisa and Killer McChomley on drums/vocals/Moog skinflute... They have one demo out entitled, Pizza & Pipes, and have toured the world extensively with the biggest show being Idle Hands which sported a huge draw of 9 blokes. They'd like to legally send out a big middle finger to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Smiths and Herman's Hermits for stealing all of the Levi's original material.

They are currently on hiatus as Killer McChomley has relocated to San Francisco to perform in a one man version of Cats while Paul and Nigel are co-owners of Club Caution in Santa Cruz and designing a new line of chaps for toddlers.

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