The Snaps (2001 - 2003) was a Santa Cruz band who pioneered the psychedelic boyband rock sound, featuring John Garmon (guitar/vox), Eduardo Gil (bass/vox) and Justin Ward (drums).

Early names for the group include Justin's Side Project, the Shaps, the Shapes, the Snapes, Saturday Night Android Party, Sodomy is Not A Problem, the Skank Hos, Catholic School, and Hey Faggot!

Nikki Red of the band Hate Mail Express once referred to the Snaps as her favorite "non-threatening, cute-boy band."

Following their dissolution, Ed Kil went to grad school, Ginger Justin remained the Grief Counsel, and John Popsong joined Red Pony Clock but remained the Loyal Sons and Daughters.

Nicholas Taplin, Brian Heater, and Jude Evans were all at one point dubbed the "fifth Snap."


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