The Sucks was a Santa Cruz band (2000) started by Justin Ward and Richard Myers. They played in Big Bang 2000. They later changed their name to Pedestrian.

The Sucks was formed by Justin and Richard originally while they attended Palo Alto High School. The Sucks reformed in Santa Cruz in early 2000 after the break up of Subtle Oak Complexity, which had Justin and Tony Burchyns alternating on guitar/vox and bass, and Mike May on drums. With Justin on guitar and vox, and Richard on bass, Brian Anderson, newly free from the break up of Verstehen (where he played bass), stepped in on drums. Brian had never played drums formally before, and his playing during the first few months was a little rough. During this time, Brian used a drum set that Nicholas Taplin had in storage in Marin. Nicholas never saw the drum set again. Nicholas recorded a cool album for the band on his 8-track that has yet to be mixed.

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