The Taste of Blood is an Aptos hardcore band consisting of Derek Rydquist (vox), Tommy Legan (guitar), Chase Fraser (guitar), Fred Soares (bass), and Evan Diola (drums). Fraser writes all the music. They are signed to Tribunal Records. They won the Aptos High School Battle of the Bands.

The band was formed in mid-2001 by Derek, Tommy, Martin Guzman, Joel Horner and Garret Dyer. They all attended Aptos High School together. Chase was a friend of a friend, and came on board at a time when the band needed a guitarist. Evan was in a different band, but when it broke up, The Taste of Blood snagged him. Martin moved back to Southern California, so Tommy's longtime friend Fred was recruited to play bass.

The band took a more serious direction with music when Chase was added in early 2002.

The band's name came about when Derek and a friend (Greg) were trying to figure out what to name their new characters in Diablo II, and Greg said he was going to name his "the taste of blood." Derek said, "wow, that would be a good band name."


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