While living in Santa Cruz, California, Tobyn McCormick played guitar for the quirky high school punk outfit the Rocket Club. Along with drummer Hod Hulphers, Tobyn also was responsible for the off-beat psychedelic rap band Omega Red.

After moving to Portland, Oregon, he went on to play drums in Ida Sessions with former Santa Cruz residents Summer Mastous and Donovan Skirvin.

Tobyn later moved to San Diego where he lived for many years, playing guitar with the bands Business Lady and the See-Thru, and recording solo material under the names "Ops Spiritus" and "O Spirits." At this time he also began writing songs for what would become Tobyn Clark and the Tender Faeries, a warmly stolid country band.

He now lives in San Francisco, California where he continues to assemble material and musicians for versions of Tobyn Clark and the Tender Faeries.

External LinksEdit

Tobyn Clark and the Tender Faeries on myspace

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