Member of The Head Dwellers since fall of 2005, his insightful performance skills and creative writing talent has made him a much loved member since his arrival.

Travis has also worked on the side project Three Dollar Laugh with fellow Head Dwellers member Cameron Miller, producing the underground hit, "Me And My Gameboy". Also, with Joshua Augason, they've produced the smash "Pigs are Food".

Cone plans to take up the violin, and to use the slap bass technique to reinterpret classic game scores (Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Tetris).

Trivia Edit

-When Travis joined the band, it was unknown whether he could play a instrument. He was incorporated into the band as a visual performer, and later integrated as a musician.

-Travis went on a brief hiatus to Fresno unexpectedly in 2006 from August to October.

-Aliases: Charles Dexter Ward, Robin Goodfellow, James O'Nell, Yorik, Puck, go'DD, Hamlet, Obaron, Trinculo.

-Also see: Travis Stebbins

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