Unfun Records is an independent record label out of Santa Cruz that began operating around the year 2000. Currently owned and operated by Johnny Darko, the label was created by Johnny and Hank Chang as opposition to the other labels in the area, who they thought were creating "break up band" releases. Their goals included independent distribution, DIY manufacturing, low pressings, and helping bands to go as far as they wanted. Unfun Records has had very limited success moving their bands to lager labels such as Sessions Records, Victory Records, Tribunal, and Substandard.

Some bands that have worked with Unfun Records include Abhorrance, Aiden, Stalins War, Burn at the Stake, Exploding Crustaceans, Time Spent Driving, The Taste of Blood, The Shivering, Funeral Diner, Under a Dying Sun, Quest for Quintanaroo, Zombeat, Strike Out, Tenebre, and Ruhaeda. Upcoming releases by the label include a full length album by Abhorrance titled, "The Right Disease".

Currently Unfun is being operated in Berkeley CA. Their mailing address is: Unfun Records PO BOX 11886 Berkeley CA 94712 Unfun Records

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