Walpurgis Night was a Santa Cruz band that performed in schools, coffee houses and at various small festivals around the bay area, including the Solano Stroll and many events at UC Santa Cruz. In Spring 2003 they took a week and a half long tour with The Technicolor Sound into northern California, Oregon and Washington, performing at coffee shops, schools and radio stations.


  • Live From Amanda’s Living Room c. 2000. All songs written by Amanda Mehl except Resurrecting the War Chant, Waiting, Last First Kiss and Tears for the Storm, words by Tamara Failor, music by Amanda Mehl. Amanda Mehl (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) Tamara Failor (bass) Casey Jackson (drums) Anton Patzner (violin) Leah Steadman (back-up vocals)
  • Walpurgis Night EP c. 2003. All songs written by Amanda Mehl. Amanda Mehl (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) Anton Patzner (violin) Alana King (stand-up bass and back-up vocals) Alex Feldman (drums).

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